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August 28, 2022 tkdwn. Season 2 Episode 61
The Rec Show Podcast
Show Notes

Episode 061 with Edmonton, Alberta Canada Beatmaker tkdwn. aka Style Lowry. Enjoy!

We talk about his signature moniker, musical upbringings/inspirations, being exposed to different genres of music by his father in Guianese household, bollywood music, Pro Wrestling inspirations, (All Japan Wrestling and All Japan Women's). His anime/manga inspirations (Slam Dunk, Anything from the Gundam anime series, Megalo box, Evangelion, Berserk, Samurai Slampoo, being exposed to 1 of 4 Pillars of Hip-Hop (Emceeing) at an early age, his G.B.O.A.T. (Greatest Beat of All Time) Time: The Donut of the Heart by J. Dilla and "Practice” by MADLIB,  his Beatmaker/Music Producer Superheros (DJ Premier, Madlib, J Dilla, Nujabes,  Liam Howlett, TAKU, Jake One and Alchemist), favorite decade to sample (1970 for Soul & Jazz, 1980 for R&B and movie and tv soundtracks from any decade, his current music production equipment (Roland SP404 SX,  Akai MPC, , the Edmonton, ways artists can make income during the devaluation of music, Alberta Canada Beat Scene (@samplercafe) and more.

tkdwn's  Recommendations:
1. 🎥 Netflix's Hip Hop Evolution
2. 🎥 BLING47 Breaks: Dilla Edition (Required Viewing on YouTube)
3. 🎥 Our Vinyl Weighs A Ton Documentary by Stones Throw Records
4. Read J Dilla's Donuts (33 1/3) by Jordan Ferguson
5. 🎥 Madlib's Redbull Academy Lecture
6. 🎥 Jake One's Behind The Beat

Intro Music: "Got It Together" from Past In Present Tense by Wino Willy & Strong Maurice
Featured Music: "take care feat Illadell", "soul restoration", throwback - vol. 1", "back in the game!!!", "loopdreams.", "blend tapes vol. 1,  "you can (get thru)" from tkdwn.'s Discography
Social Media: @tkdwnbeats

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