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Chong Wizard Records Edition

August 07, 2022 Chong Wizard Records Season 2 Episode 59
The Rec Show Podcast
Chong Wizard Records Edition
Show Notes
Today's episode features a Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada DJ, Producer, Record Label which features artists like Chris Crack, Ransom, Brainorchestra, Nothing_Neue, Lightfoot, Nicholas Craven, Ohbliv, and many more. With 49 plus albums on its Bandcamp discography, its been catching the ears and support from people all over the world who value Hip-Hop and it's many facets.  If you like beat-tapes, Instrumentals, lyricism and amazing artwork from amazing artists, Chong Wizard Records is the another plug you need to tap into. This is just a glimpse. Enjoy!

Intro Music:  hip hop from hip hop. (draft) by blkgod9 & Q-Tip from Unorthodox But Effective by Gldnmnd

Inglorious Bastards, A Beautiful Mind, There Will Be Blood (instrumentals) from Director's Cut: Scene Two by Ransom & Nicholas Craven
Deliver Us From Evil & Eyes Wide Shut (instrumental)  from Deleted Scenes by Ransom & Nicholas Craven
Talk2Me (chills pt. 4) & Heed The Call from Spirit Medicine by Ohbliv & Chong Wizard Records
Terra Grade & Crash Pad from Terra Incognita by Lightfoot & Chong Wizard Records
Phases & 11-11 from iii by Nothing_Neue & Chong Wizard Records
Out of my Mind, Please Leave a Message from Sheep Hate Goats by Chris Crack & Chong Wizard
Blessing Season from Blessing Season by Chong Wizard
moving & genes from Moments by ChordandJocks & Chong Wizard Records
Higher & I Don't Know from Niko Bellic by Nicholas Craven & Chong Wizard Records
Never Forget To Smoke, Token and  Double Suns from Fallout: Vault 908 by Brainorchestra & Chong Wizard Records

Tap Into Chong Wizard Records Here and Support anyway you can.  Grab some merch Here. We support the moves. 

Do you know other collectives out here doing their thing?  Let me know on via social media i.e. Twitter or IG. Peace and Love Yo!

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