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Beat-Tape Co-Op (Worldwide Edition)

July 22, 2022 Beat-Tape Co-Op Season 2 Episode 58
The Rec Show Podcast
Beat-Tape Co-Op (Worldwide Edition)
Show Notes

Peace and Love! Beat-Tape Co-Op is a blog-site dedicated to the Beat-Makers. If you like beat-tapes, Instrumentals, this is the place you want to tap into. Here are some amazing Beatmakers Beat-Tape Co-Op blogged about recently. Enjoy!

Intro Music:  Departure from Brain Words by Yotaro (Okinawa, Japan)

Peace of Mind - Chill Da God from Compliments to the Chef by A Common and Normal Joint
COLTRANE's Loop (Intro) & Instrumental 1 from Constant Elevation by OhDaGee (Mexico)
prime time from The Record Player by The Custodian of Records (New Jersey)
Reference from Raw Data by FOM (Brighton, UK)
Dreamy from Pad EP by Lexiglass (New York, New York)
Black velvet from Streets Fidelity (Beat Tape) by KONDUCTA BEATS (Barcelona, Spain)
Healer ( heal her ) from beast mode beat tape by Tranzformer (El Centro)
Drunk JB from BOA BUNDA by Cookin Soul & Jinsang (Spain)
Summer Revisited from Third Eye Spectrum by Mecca:83 (Manchester)
buttrflies & ikigai from cybernetics by OGxLOOP (Florida)
In The Sky. from The Blu Tape 5 by Dizzy Rambunctious  (North Bergen, New Jersey)
92 Polo from a summer night by Samil (Grand Rapids, Michigan)
whknws x Matt.e.j. - riseandshine from Pure Sampling Vol 1. - Sound collages to escape from routine by Puro Sampling (California)
Tha World from Ernie Tape by SINAI (Lincoln, Nebraska)
Smokey Dusk from Soul Searching by Soul Professa (California)
That Jazzy P from The Wake 2 Instrumentals by Antagonist Dragonspit (Virginia, USA)
Camouflage from Niko Bellic by Nicholas Craven via Chong Wizard Records (Vancouver, British Columbia)
Nightsurfin' from Mind Gems Vol 4.5 (Smoker's Revenge) by SPELLWRKS (Texas)
Dancing With The Best from A Wonderful Letter by J. Rocc (Los Angeles, California)
Victory from Ode To The Jumper King by starchildluke (United Kingdom)

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