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Beatmakers Need Lunch Money Too!

July 03, 2022 Season 2 Episode 56
The Rec Show Podcast
Beatmakers Need Lunch Money Too!
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Show Notes

Peace and Love! Music is so critical to our life right. Beatmakers need lunch money too. Here are some amazing Beatmakers you should tap into and vibe with not now but Right Now! Enjoy!

Intro Music: Garden Party from Garden Party (Beat-Tape) by Doppelganger 86

Renew from I Wish It Would Rain Today by E-Conomy
Passing Reference from Allusion by Elusive
The Voyage from Long Drives To Nowhere by Elaquent
Fishsticks from Los Angeles Series 0-11 by Samiyam
Lil Bit from The Funk Will Prevail by Kaelin Ellis
Bakers Dozen from The Jazz Jousters Sessions One by B 3 N B i
Sun Drop from dusk till dawn by ILL-Sugi
Can't You See from Philth Spector Presents: The Sounds of Philthadelphia Vol. 2 by Philth Spector
uglyaf by YNGLNK
Never Felt This Way by Uncle Knock
ESPRESSO  from A Nu Air by baelei
Replicant Love Letter by Ti9ri
Break My Soul by Beyonce by Naj Ahead (Phoron de Fleur Remix)
I Got Distracted (Evolving Portals) by Dutchyyy
Life is Luv from The Spot (Beat-Tape) by Mon$rock
Nostalgia from Moontape 04 by Sarent and Chill Moon Music
Soon from Dibia$e Baker's Dozen by Dibia$e and Fat Beats Records
So[Rt] from Knx - Anthology by Knxwledge
Intimate Reconnections 1st Invite (Ankh) from Stargate Music by Ras_G & The African Space Program
Arrombar from March5 by Cazal Organism

What Beatmaker should I be tapped into starting now? Let me know on Twitter or IG. Peace and Love Yo!

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Edited, Mixed and Mastered by Gldnmnd

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