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Episode 054 | L3Miss

June 18, 2022 L3Miss Season 2 Episode 54
The Rec Show Podcast
Episode 054 | L3Miss
Show Notes

Episode 054 with Clearwater Florida based Beatmaker/Gamer...L3Miss

We talk about her signature moniker, musical upbringings/inspirations, her instrumental albums, exposure to 1 of 4 Pillars of Hip-Hop (Turntableism/Beatmaker), her Beatmaker/Music Producer Superheros (L3Miss, J Dilla), being a gamer and her favorite games, music production equipment (Elf Audio Koala Sampler, Roland SP404 MKII, SX, A, FL Studio,  the Clearwater, Florida Beat Scene and more.

L3Miss Recommendations:
1. The Prosperous Hip Hop Producer: My Beat-Making Journey from My Grandma's Patio To A Six-Figure Business
2. Curtis King Everything
3. SPVIDZ Youtube Channel

Intro Music by: "Benevolence" off WIRED by @tahloulahmay
Featured Music: Curated Beats from L3Miss Discography and Soundcloud
Social Media: @I3Miss

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