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Wino Willy & Calliope

June 05, 2022 Wino Willy Season 2 Episode 53
The Rec Show Podcast
Wino Willy & Calliope
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Show Notes

Episode 053 with New Jersey Born and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania bred, New Orleans Louisiana based Beatmaker/Emcee, 1/4 of Bag Season Records, Grilchy Party collaborator...Wino Willy and daughter Calliope.

We talk about his signature moniker, musical upbringings/inspirations, his new instrumental albums and collaborations, exposure to 1 of 4 Pillars of Hip-Hop (Turntableism, Emceeing/Beatmaker), his Beatmaker/Music Producer Superheros (Timbaland, The Neptunes, Q-Tip, J Dilla, DJ Premier, El-P, Anra, The Field, Rex Mason, Friend Kerrek, Q3, Nicholas Kraven, STLNDRMS, Leem Lizzy, Nelac The Beat Ninja, Tatzumakiii and more), electronic music production equipment, Anime, creating content similar to AND1 Mixtapes, Bag Season Records, the New Orleans Beat Scene and more.

Wino Willy's Recommendations:
1. Check The Technique by Brian Coleman
2. Autobiography of Malcolm X : As Told to Alex Hailey & Attallah Shabazz
3. The Souls of Black Folk by W.E.B Du Bois
4. The Water Dancer by TA-NEHISI COATES
5. Another Country by James Baldwin
6. This is the Life by Ava DuVernay

Intro Music by: It Just Is off "This Must Be The Place" by @apollobrown
Featured Music: Curated Beats from Wino Willy's Bandcamp Discography
Social Media: @winowilly

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